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Rates between months:

  • FEBRUARY- JULY: If your arrival and departure date are in a different month (for example, arrival: 28.05, departure: 05.06) higher rate applies. In this example, June package price is correct.
  • SEPTEMBER – DECEMBER: If there are only 1-2 nights within a more expensive month – send us a regular Booking Form and we will adjust the price difference, based on the hotel rates.

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Questions & Answers


– You must be at least 18 years old to participate in Fitness Holidays in Malta.
– You do not have to be fit to join our group but good health is a must.
– Our instructors are English speaking.
– All the gear needed for your fitness activities are included.

– By choosing our Fitness & Yoga Holiday in Malta, you confirm to read and accept all our T&C.


– Our Fitness & Yoga Holiday in Malta package is available all year round, as long as there is still room available in the hotel. You can join an existing group and fly to Malta any day of the week.
– Hotels are subjected to availability and can be confirmed only after your booking payment.
– In high season (May-October) we might not be able to accommodate you in the same hotel for the whole duration of your stay due to limited capacity. In case you will need to change hotels, our driver will help you with the transfer to another hotel with a very similar standard or a better one.


1. Double booking rate is valid only for 2 people booking Fitness & Yoga Holidays in Malta together. If you are a solo traveller, please choose a single room rate.

2. Prices between 21st December – 5th January (Christmas and New Year) and Easter are on request.

3. You can start your Fitness Holidays any day of the week.

4. If your arrival flight to Malta is in the morning you may start your Fitness Program in the late afternoon, otherwise, training sessions start the day after.

5. Healthy Food Pass (6 lunches) costs 45 EUR (6 meals). Voucher needs to be pre-booked and paid upon your arrival in Malta.

6. Meeting with Nutritionist combined with Personal Diet Plan cost 39 EUR extra needs to be pre-booked and paid upon your arrival in Malta.

7. Every guest will be given Intro Meeting FREE of charge, introducing Training Centre and available classes.

8. If you decide to pay for your Fitness & Yoga Holidays in Malta through PayPal, you will be charged for transactions fees collected by PayPal (ar. 5%).

9. In the unlikely situation where due to unexpected circumstances our Training Centre will be closed (never more than 1 day) your training package will we extended by 1 extra day or you can choose to be refunded of 15 EUR. You can check training schedule in advance, displayed under Timetable-Classes (Retreat Description).

10. While we offer classes for any fitness level, good health, and at least minimum training experience is required, as we can not know what is your fitness level. Please do not book our Fitness & Yoga Holiday in Malta if you have any unhealed injuries or health problems.

11. By paying a deposit, you agree to all our T&C. In case you decide to leave early, change hotel, upgrade room or stop training, no refund for will be granted.


Please note that the Maltese Islands are very busy during the peak season between June and September and we are quickly running out of rooms and training placements. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend you complete bookings of your Fitness & Yoga Holiday in Malta much in advance.