Fitness & Yoga Holiday in Malta

Training Retreat in sunny Malta by the Mediterranean Sea. Just not a typical Boot Camp!

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Are you a solo traveler, open to discovering new places and cultures? Our flexible training programme in Malta was created for singles, couples or friends who look for places full of sun, life and energy. We have great weather and great people – more than 300 sunny days throughout the year and an international atmosphere make the Maltese Islands a perfect combination of ‘active’ and ‘holiday’. We are based, in vibrant Sliema, a multicultural hot spot right by the sea and the heart of everything exciting in Malta. 
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Incentive travel & tailor-made trips for groups and companies in the Maltese Islands.


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Language Holidays in sunny Malta for adults, teenagers and families with children.


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Year-round Fitness and Yoga Holidays by the Mediterranean Sea.


Malta Training Holiday
body toning and weight-loss program
for independent travellers. 

Just imagine being able to spend your holidays by the sea, working on your fitness under the Maltese sun, while surrounded by idyllic views, far away from your job and day-to-day problems. So what is stopping you? Take advantage of Fitness & Yoga Holidays in Malta, the best training and weight-loss retreat in Europe. 

Training Timetable

phone app

Our mobile Freemyme app allows you to create your own training programme. Choose the duration, type, and exercise formats from your 14-CLASS fitness package.


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1 FREE Online Class via Zoom

before arriving in Malta

Want to get into your Malta Fitness and Yoga Holiday feeling? We’ve got you covered! Your package includes 1  online ZOOM class of your choice, completely free of charge. Enjoy your first sweat from the comfort of your own home! 

    Length: min. 5 days

    Standard Holiday is 4 or 7 nights in Malta. You can extend your Fitness Package

    Start: any day

    Our Fitness & Yoga Holiday package is available all year round.

    Age: 18+

    Reccomended age is between 18-55 years old.

    Fitness Level: ALL

    From beginners to athletes. Choose your own classses

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    Your Accommodation in Malta

    3*** | 4**** Hotels |Boutique Hostel| no accommodation packages

    We offer a variety of accommodation options in Malta, guaranteeing the best possible quality and highest standard depending on your budget and preferences. Our 3- and 4-star hotels are located by the sea, close to the seaside promenade in Sliema, between 5-20 minute walk from our Training Centre. Each hotel also offers access to a private outdoor or indoor pool.


    add to Malta Fitness & Yoga Holiday package

    € 29 | AIRPORT PICK-UP

    For just € 29 you can add a private airport transfer to your package. Our driver will pick you up and drive you directly to your chosen accommodation. Round trip transfer available for € 49.

    € 20 | 3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE

    While are several bars and restaurants offering healthy meals during your Fitness & Yoga training holidays in Malta, why not considering going a step further? For just € 20 get 5 x 500 mil. raw juices. Skip 1 meal and enhance your weight-loss program with 5 organic, sugarless, filling juices.

    € 45 | SPORT MASSAGE

    Our training might be intense causing some soreness in your body, regardless of your regular fitness regime. De-stress your muscles and mind by adding some sport massages to your training program. You will feel so much better. Guaranteed!

    Plan Your Trip

    The way YOU like



    The airfare is not included in your package. See, how you can get to Malta conveniently & at a reasonable price.


    Malta and Gozo offer over 300 sunny days a year, the most among all European countries. There is no winter in Malta! The average annual temperature is almost 23°C.


    Find out the ways to move around Malta. All you need to know about buses, tickets, transport apps, etc.


    Location of Sliema and around offers variety of food, known as the best in Malta! Check out what can you expect while staying on our sunny Island.

    COVID-19 (safe bookings)

    Book with confidence. Up to 15 days before the date of arrival in Malta, receive a 100% refund. Less than 15 days – a voucher covering 100% of your payment.


    We ask you to carefully read our Terms & Conditions section before proceeding with your holiday booking, so there is nothing to surprise you once you are in Malta.

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    In your free time

    Malta is only 316 km2, which allows you to travel easily by walking or using public transport. Everything you may need during your Fitness & Yoga Holiday is within close proximity from our location in Sliema, including easy access to the sea, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, tours around Maltese Islands and much more! Check out some tips and ideas of Top Attractions and Activities in Malta you can try in your free time.

    Interesting facts

    The Maltese Islands in a nutshell


    Malta recognizes 2 official languages: Maltese and English. Most Maltese also communicate easily in Italian.


    Malta and Gozo have been recognized as the best diving destination in Europe for years. A warm, transparent sea, rich underwater architecture (natural caves but also wrecks of ships or planes from World War II) are a treat for divers regardless of their advancement.


    In Malta, there are 3 objects from the UNESCO World Heritage List: the underground Hypogeum cemetery,, a complex of neolithic temples, including the most famous Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra (older than the Egyptian pyramids!) And the whole of Valletta - the capital of Malta.


    The capital of Malta is one of the smallest capitals in the world. Additionally, the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


    In Malta, you can feel safe. It is considered the 3rd safest country in Europe. The crime rate is lower only in cold Iceland and tiny Liechtenstein.


    Tiny Malta (the 5th smallest country in Europe and the 10th in the world) is only 316 km² and less than 0.5 million inhabitants, of which as much as 20% are foreigners. The multiculturalism, however, did not change the religious views of the native inhabitants of the island. Over 90% of th...

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